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Sign The Petition To Clean Out The IRS!

Dear Friend

We cannot let the Internal Revenue Service -- led by these politically motivated and thuggish people -- stay in office, let alone allow them to assume control over our healthcare.

Obviously the blame for the scandal rests with President Obama, but, for now, let’s clean up the IRS.

Please sign this petition to fire the leaders of the IRS.

We will forward your signature to President Obama and your Senators and Congressman.  Please be sure to include your name, hard mailing address, and your email so we can do so.

We'll add your email address to our Alerts list to keep you posted on progress and let you know if we need to take further action.

Thank you,

Dick Morris

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this needs to stop this is to be a country ran by
the people not the government
they all should be punished!
They spend their time going after honest Tea Party Patriots while they lose track of billions much of it to fraudulent overseas claims while they are continueing to harass Obama's enemys list.