Tell The Justice Department To Leave Zimmerman Alone!

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Tell The Justice Department To Leave Zimmerman Alone!

Dear Friend,
The jury has spoken and found that the prosecution failed to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that George Zimmerman had malice or racism in his heart or even a reckless disregard for Trayvon Martin's life when he shot the teenager.
The Justice Department should now butt out.  This trial was no racist concoction of the pre-Civil Rights era south.  It was found by the jury not to be a hate crime.
The Justice Department has no business extending this divisive national agony by adding its own investigation to the mix.

Please sign this petition to ask the Justice Department not to intervene in the Martin-Zimmerman case.

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Thank you,
Dick Morris

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He was found NOT GUILTY!!! Leave him alone. If Trayvon Martin would not have SNEAK ATTACKED George, he would still be alive today...........He was a THUG!!!! End of story.


Leave George Zimmerman alone !!!
Obama has purposely caused division in our Country by causing racists to attack and murder Whites! They should be charged with any murders of this type after Obama chose unwisely (but on purpose) to speak out on the Trayvon (thug) case.
The federal government needs to quit trying to tell people how they are going to feel about "ANYTHING" OR "ANYBODY"! This kind of crap just makes me hate blacks even more. I wish they had never come to this country!
leave him alone ,all these a hole reporters with nothing better to do.he has been found not guilty what more do these people want?