Stop Photographing Us As We Drive And Tracking Our License Plates

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Stop Photographing Us As We Drive And Tracking Our License Plates

Dear Friend,
Today the ACLU revealed that 26 state police departments use traffic cameras to photograph license plates and drivers’ faces for law enforcement purposes.  The face photos are processed through facial recognition software and the license plates are screened to see if any are hot.

We are not talking terrorism here.  Of the 85 million license plate readings in Maryland, for example, only 47 were associated with real crimes, largely stolen cars or license plates.  860 pictures led to traffic citations. 

Perhaps we may need to invade the 4th amendment privacy protections to nip terror attacks in the bud.  But the failure to have a current registration or an emissions inspection sticker hardly qualifies.  Nor does car theft or license plate theft.

Please sign this petition to stop states from using traffic cameras to identify us and to track our movements by checking our license plates.

We will forward your signature to President Obama and your Senators and Congressman.  Please be sure to include your name, hard mailing address, and your email so we can do so.

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Thank you,
Dick Morris

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Does photographing our license plates turn you on?
Does photographing our license plates turn you on?
Here in Texas the information from license plate readers is also used in marketing. Stated in a news report done on channel 11 in Dallas Fort Worth recently. The company spokesman interviewed said the information will never be deleted. He also stated that the records were not available to the general public. I wonder if he has ever heard of Edward Snowdon?
My problem with all this is what happens if a person has been a victim of a crime and is found by a perpetrator. Or an angry spouse seeks out their other half for continued abuse? And second, if the information is about us, how do we benefit? On Sunday, June 17th 2014, one of these license plate picture taking cars was driving down my street photographing people's vehicles in their private driveways. Exactly how much of my privacy should I give up? Would it be ok for me to walk / drive down president Obama's street, or anybody's for that matter photographing their vehicles personal gain?
why dont you all take a 365 day vacation and stop passing ANY laws since you cant seem to protect our rights and privacy guaranteed by the BILL OF RIGHTS and CONSTITUTION - ALSO - - READ!!!!! THE 'F"ING BILL OF RIGHTS AND CONSTITUTION which you SWORE AN OATH TOO UPHOLD and PROTECT - OTHERWISE start PROSECUTING GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS for VIOLATING THIS OATH!!