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Sign The Petition To Stay Out Of Syria!

Dear Friend,
I am against our intervention in Syria.  Both sides of this conflict are brutal, terrorist regimes and neither is worth a single American dollar or drop of blood.  On the one side, we have Assad, a dedicated ally of Iran who stands poised to fight with Israel at the drop of a hat.  On the other side, we have an al Qaeda-dominated coalition representing our worst enemies.
If you agree, please sign this petition to urge your Senators and Congressman to vote no on going to war, yet again, this time in Syria.

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Thank you,
Dick Morris

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We should not be in other countries fighting them or their wars!
What's wrong with Dr Asad?
Didn't we learn from our disastrous
fiasco intervention in Iraq! We destroyed the cradle of civilization,
caused the destruction of the country,the churches,the Christians community.Syrians Christians are killed,churches are burned.When can we have quality diplomats as John F Dulles,Dr Kissinger,Dean Rusk,
seasoned quality individuals ????