Sign The Petition Stating Hillary Doesn't Deserve The Medal Of Freedom!

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Sign The Petition Stating Hillary Doesn't Deserve The Medal Of Freedom!

Dear Friend,
Today, the National Constitution Center, headed by Jeb Bush, is going to award Hillary Clinton the Medal of Freedom.  The ceremony will take place today. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the Benghazi raid which Hillary covered up and pretended was about a movie.
Her record as Secretary of State is notable only for its frequent flyer miles.  Afghanistan has gotten worse.  Iran is closer to getting the bomb.  North Korea has several.  Iraq is an Iranian satellite.  Egypt almost slipped into the grasp of Islamists and still may.  What is there to celebrate in her record?
Please sign this petition to say that she doesn't deserve it and shouldn't get it!

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Dick Morris

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Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have committed High Treason against America, FACT!
Please don!t vote for her!!!!
Letting Four Americans Die, is acceptable. Hillary should return that medal of freedom at once!