Tell Boehner To Stand Firm!

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Tell Boehner To Stand Firm!

Dear Friend,
The dye is now cast.  The battle lines are drawn.  Boehner has refused to reopen the government or raise the debt limit without concessions from Obama.  What began as a foolish government shutdown to try to end ObamaCare is now morphing into a serious, and likely successful, attempt to rein in the ObamaCare cost, cut government entitlements, and hold the line on taxes.

Finally, the Republicans in the House have gotten it right.

They deserve our full support.

Please sign this petition to send your Congressman one simple message: STAND FIRM!

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Dick Morris

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You sir are a disgrace to the
Constitution and the oath you took! You are only out for yourself and we all see that!
From the beginning I have stood behind you. Please prove that my trust was not misplaced.