Make The Red Cross Give Sandy Victims Funds!

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Make The Red Cross Give Sandy Victims Funds!

Dear Friend,
This year is the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  The American Red Cross raised over $300 million for relief of its victims.  But, now, a year later, much of the money has not been spent at all.  $30 million remains in Red Cross bank accounts and tens of millions more has been diverted to other uses.

The NY State Attorney General sued the Red Cross to demand a reform in how they earmark donations.  But the changes to which the Red Cross agreed in response to the suit will come too late for Sandy victims.

25,000 victims remain out of their homes.  And they are running out of hope.

Please sign this petition to the American Red Cross to ask that they give the money they received to the victims who need it.

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Dick Morris

Make The Red Cross Give Sandy Victims Funds!

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Separate disaster accounts should be set up for earmarked donations. I am appalled at the lack of integrity of the Red Cross.
Release funding now for families in need, money that was raised with their stories in their names!
The Red Cross was one of the only public charities that people thought they could depend on to be honest and effective with the monies entrusted to then. Hurricane Sandy apparently blew away their integrity.
I will no longer send money to Red Cross. There are many other sources out there. AND, one that does not have a CEO making
excessive salaries. Kay W, Indiana
We still don't have home we don't have enough fund to continue.
We need help.
I don't believe the Red Cross should receive any more donations. The group should be honest and tell all the $10 donors that the are only giving $6.66 to the victims. Dishonesty in charity makes people question their donations! Red Cross your actions are despicable! you've lost a donor!
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