Stop The Iran Nuclear Deal!

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Stop The Iran Nuclear Deal!

Dear Friend,
The U.S. is about to sign a deal with Iran that permits the terrorist state to keep all its nuclear centrifuges intact and simply turn them off.  But they could be turned on at any time and the world couldn't stop it.

In return, Iran gets almost $50 billion in unfrozen assets now in the U.S. and the EU, immediate relief for its half-dead economy.

Iran is on the ropes.  Don't let up now!

Please sign this petition and forward it to all your friends to sign it.  We must stop this deal!

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Thank you,
Dick Morris

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crazy fools, you would have been in league with Hitler too:
Iran Can Not Be Trusted!
to me this is selling out safety of Israel and the U.S to get a Nobel peace prize. it is also scaring a good deal of people like me
this is wrong. we know it. you know it and most of us arent buying into the rederick. israel is our allie and were sworn to protect them not turn our backs on them and cut deals with countries who hate them and us. you work for the people of the united states and as such it is your CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to uphold LIBERTY for all. not injustice. any deal with a liberty hating country like iran will not bode well for the world.
The American people need to voice their opinions about this & other important matters that place our country , along with others, in so much danger. O'bama continues to put our country to shame!
Obama promised to he would never allow Iran to get nuke...including by way of military options. Now, he his pushing to enter bad deal that ensures Iran will get nukes. Military options not ever mentioned and Iran feels no threat of option under Obama. He says it this deal or war. That is a lie. Surgical strikes is not war. It is preemptive strikes to prevent nuke war. Iran never allow inspections and built hidden facilities for over a decade while all we do is talk. Its time to stop allowing Iran to run the show and to not do a bad deal. Its time to strike and decisively. This is a bad deal with an enemy on the ropes.