Stop The Iran Nuclear Deal!

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Stop The Iran Nuclear Deal!

Dear Friend,
The U.S. is about to sign a deal with Iran that permits the terrorist state to keep all its nuclear centrifuges intact and simply turn them off.  But they could be turned on at any time and the world couldn't stop it.

In return, Iran gets almost $50 billion in unfrozen assets now in the U.S. and the EU, immediate relief for its half-dead economy.

Iran is on the ropes.  Don't let up now!

Please sign this petition and forward it to all your friends to sign it.  We must stop this deal!

We will forward your signature to President Obama and your Senators and Congressman.  Please be sure to include your name, hard mailing address, and your email so we can do so.

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Thank you,
Dick Morris

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The #-1-Issue-In-The-USA-Righ Now-Is-That Obama? Is USA Illegally & Unconsitutionally President Of The USA/Is Not A USA Legal Natural Born Citizen,Has All Fake-Illegal-Forged-Stolen-USA-I.D.'S-Visa's-All Record's,Was Never USA Legally & Or Consitutionally:Elected-Vetted-Sworn In-Inargurated,Which All Of This Information Means That Everything & Everybody,Under Obama? & DNC?,Includes Like This IRAND NUCLEUR-DEAL,EVERY TREATY,EVERY,EVERY ELECTION,EVERYTHING & ANYTHING & EVERYBODY,EVERY ACT & DEAL,ETC...Everybody=Old-Retireed-New-Present-Resigned(Nobody Is Off The Hook),THis Also Means ,Like This IRAN/USA NUCLEUR DEAL,ETC...Everything & Everybody Are All "NULL & VOID-AUTOMATICALLY".
What do you expect from a walking attitude problem that bows to middle eastern despots ,he wines about equality but bows to a person that holds back his own people.Obama should work in a soup kitchen that's about what he is qualified for.