Don't Let The EPA Garnish Wages!

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Don't Let The EPA Garnish Wages!

Dear Friend,

The Environmental Protection Administration has published a proposed rule giving it the power to seize property, bank accounts, and garnish wages without going through a judicial proceeding to collect its fines.  Only the IRS has this power now.

The EPA is not asking Congress, it wants to take this power by executive action.

Increasingly EPA fines are huge and crippling and apply not just to traditional pollution but to carbon dioxide emissions that, they say, further global warming.

Please sign this petition to ask your Congressman and Senators to push back against this power grab by the EPA.

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Dick Morris

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This is another example of just how communistic our government is becoming, i demand members of congress reject the epa's violation of its boundaries.
these acts need a judge to decide
Wake up America & let your opinions speak volumes through the political process instead of profound apathy now so prevalent!!!!
As a former environmental engineering professional for over 20 years I can state categorically that the US EPA is a counter-productive, inept and failed Federal agency that that has done massive irreparable harm to the US environment, the solid and hazardous waste system in America, and to whit most particularly irreparably wrecked by incredibly arrogant and inept regulation the ground water aquifers across America for centuries to come through the incompetent rewriting of Title 40 Subtitle D (not fracking) even in the face at the time of knowing they got it terribly wrong. What an irresponsible and pathetic excuse for a disingenuous and overly-politicized government agency! This is a massive scandal and national crime for which the US Congress is directly to blame for allowing EPA the power through its arrogance and incompetence to accomplish this while ignoring the will of the American people and private sector expertise through a ruse/sham public comment process which is designed to appear democratic while actually avoiding all accountability and public input and rubber stamping the agency’s dictatorial and politically correct goals. At least they did the service of showing the whole country what a sham the Federal regulatory rule making and public comment process is. When the EPA was bravely called out on this by one of their own darling consultants who they had previous lauded, they ironically quickly disowned him and attempted to discredit and even ruin the learned academic individual when his views while scientifically correct and actually innovative in their engineering and science when it no longer fit EPA’s political agenda which did not include actually protecting the environment with good science. He dared to criticize the omnipotent EPA. For that they cannot be trusted to actually protect the environment with their fuzzy and unscientific thinking. When the American people find out that EPA has actually ruined America's aquifers likely permanently through incredibly expensive mis-managed bureaucracy and incompetent and irresponsible regulation rammed through simply because they were the Federal Government and just knew better, there will be no alternative but to attempt to falsely blame it all on fracking and the energy and other industries instead. It will not be the fault of the solid waste industry because they were forced to ineptly- mis- design and construct municipal landfalls through regulatory mandate using EPA’s much more costly, scientifically and managerially flawed dry tomb concept that was doomed to objective failure through inevitable leaking by a blind and scientifically illiterate EPA bureaucracy. But it will always be the arrogant US EPA that will be responsible for this crime greater then anything ever committed by any external enemy or threat to the US in its entire history. The US EPA is a direct threat to the nation, its vital aquifers and its drinking water as well as the national budget and should be abolished w
The EPA is out of control and something must be done about their ever expanding policies that are crippling this nation. They have way over stepped their boundaries and have their leaching tentacles where they ot not be! Cobbler, stick to your last.