Don't Let The EPA Garnish Wages!

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Don't Let The EPA Garnish Wages!

Dear Friend,

The Environmental Protection Administration has published a proposed rule giving it the power to seize property, bank accounts, and garnish wages without going through a judicial proceeding to collect its fines.  Only the IRS has this power now.

The EPA is not asking Congress, it wants to take this power by executive action.

Increasingly EPA fines are huge and crippling and apply not just to traditional pollution but to carbon dioxide emissions that, they say, further global warming.

Please sign this petition to ask your Congressman and Senators to push back against this power grab by the EPA.

Your signature will count!  We will send an email in your name to your Senators and Congressman telling him or her of your position!

Please get your friends and family to sign this petition too.

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Dick Morris

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What happened to We the People? We are being taxed ruled and regulated to death! It doesn't matter what we want we're just supposed to lay down and take it, letting these greedy bureaucratic liberals to take our money what little we do have and waste it on whatever they feel like! We the American people are being turned into slaves to this government, do as I say or we will make your life a living hell! The Chicago corruption and deceit within this Democratic party is staggering and has no place in America!
Another grand over reach. The EPA is enforcing UN Agenda 21 plans. Both should go away!
The EPA has become counter productive and way, way too powerful. It should in fact be done away with and environmental issues left to the states.