Defund Palestinians If They Go To UN

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Defund Palestinians If They Go To UN

Dear Friend,

        The Palestinian Authority and its Hamas allies are asking the United Nations General Assembly to recognize it as a separate nation.  While full U.N. recognition would require Security Council approval (and the U.S. would use its veto to stop it), the General Assembly – on its own – can confer non-member observer status on the Palestinian state, the same as it does for the Vatican.  Observer status would give the Palestinians more rights at the U.N. and admit them to organizations like the Council on Human Rights and the International Court of Justice – this for a terrorist organization responsible for thousands of deaths!

        WE MUST ACT.  Please sign this petition to members of the U.S. Congress asking them to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority – whether direct or through the U.N. -- if it gets observer status in the General Assembly.  Why should we continue to give the Palestinian Authority billions in taxpayer money while it seeks to circumvent the peace process and leap frog negotiations by going directly to the General Assembly?

        Please sign the petition, and tell your friends.  Give us your hard address and zip code so we can send your signature to your Congressman and Senator.  We will also send the petition to the U.S. delegation to the U.N. and the U.N. Secretary General.  But it's Congress that has the real leverage.  Remember that the House Republicans can block this aid all by themselves!  We'll add you to our email list (one-click opt out) to keep you posted on progress and alert you on future activities.

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First as an American, Second as a Jew, I am embarassed that the Obama administration is the first in history to show lack of leadership and support for Israel. Did anyone bother to note that Obama did not once visit Israel during his first Term. He also had the conceit and disrespect to not attend Margaret Thatcher’s funeral. He has disrespected and blown off perhaps the two most important allies the US has in the world. That is not leadership. Its long past time for a change.
You were elected to represent the citizens of this country, so stop funding the Palestinian Authority with our money.