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The Internet is free of governmental regulation, and we need to keep it that way.  As my column below explains, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) could pave the way for massive government regulation of the Net.  It should be called the Camel's Nose In the Tent Act (CNITA)!  Please sign the petition to protect our Internet freedom.  Your signature will go to your Senators and Congressman.  Be heard to protect our freedom!  We'll add your email address to our Alerts list to keep you posted on progress and let you know if we need to take further action.


Dick Morris

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is just the kind of bill that could cripple Internet freedom in the name of a good cause.  Everybody agrees that we need to battle online piracy of movies, books, TV shows and such.  If piracy spreads, nobody will create anything because their work will be pirated as soon as it is finished.

But…this legislation, with its draconian enforcement powers, uses an atomic bomb to solve a problem best left to educated action by responsible individuals and normal litigation.  The collateral damage from this bill could destroy Internet freedom.

The bill would let the Justice Department and copyright holders to get court orders against websites they accuse of enabling or encouraging copyright infringement.  It could stop search engines from linking to such sites and require service providers to block access to them.

It should be called the Camel’s Nose In the Tent Act (CNITA).  It would criminalize the Internet and make search engines the enforcers of copyright laws. It opens the tent to federal regulation and judicial activism that could drive search engines and internet service providers into bankruptcy through excessive court judgments and liability.

There is a remedy: Public education.  None of us wants to kill off artistic creation.  Each of us realizes that by abusing the system to get the goodies for free, we risk eliminating the goodies.  We don’t litter because we don’t want to ruin our environment.  We don’t run red lights because we don’t want traffic chaos. We wear seatbelts because we want to live.  Law enforcement plays a role, but the greater influence is an educated public.

Copyright infringers can’t make it if we don’t buy it.  Consumers need to realize that we will kill the golden goose if we steal his eggs!  The way to regulate the internet is to use it sensibly and wisely and not to let Congress and the Justice Department in the door.

Please sign the attached petition to stop the online piracy act!


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The government always reaps what it sows, they created the hate within the terrorists and now reaped what they sowed; along with a tooth for a tooth and a nail for a nail; terrorize other countess's innocent children and reap the land's oil. Big Brother's grasp does not want to know no boundaries, for he will extend his reach across country border lines and darken skies to it's own shading. It's like a Fat ****ing political monster devouring all the resources it see's; and shitting out millions of laws along the way, now that fat ass, skin headed white supremacist is trying to squeeze it's fat*****through the plane of the Digital Cyber Realm and attack our way of life! We must stand together and fight for the little freedom we have left!!!! Push that fat ****ing political monster back to the other side of the plane in which it manifested from; or it shall devour all our cyber resources and******out millions of cyber laws on top of enslave all the cyber citizens that live in our new free world!! There will be freedom!! We are the republic!!! We are like the British in 1775; we left England overseas because we don't like their ****ing rules and laws; we want LIBERTY! We want freedom!! Sail to the new world my friends, I welcome you with open arms. I don't want the king taxing me any longer in order to support wars that kill children and families instead of helping humanity to survive and live in peace! I am tired of children having to watch their fathers and mothers get their heads blown off in front of them! I am tired of having to hear about innocent children getting hurt and mistreated! That god damn humanity reaping, air taxing, demonic, glutinous pig is to blame for it all! Fight for our new world! and Fight to break the over cyber sea's chains of taxation and oppression, and suppression your government has linked onto you; the chain that grips tightly on you from the cyber world to the real world! Shatter the chain and they will no longer have control over you or reap from you what they use for their own favor not the favor of the community.