Declare the Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization

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Declare the Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization
The Obama Administration has resisted naming the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. But if any group deserved to be on that list, the Brotherhood does. Ever since 1962, it has worked to convert Americans to jihad and Islamist extremism. It is actively building terrorist cells in the United States.

And the evidence is that it is succeeding. More and more of the terrorist attacks on American soil are coming from people who live here, many of whom converted to Islam through the work of the Brotherhood.

Since 9-11, 156 men have been indicted for terror-related activities. 127 of them had lived in the U.S. for ten years or more at the time of their arrest. One-third of these terrorists converted to Islam in their teens or twenties, most often through the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Inclusion on the list of terrorist organizations is no symbolic step. The feds block donations to such groups and deny them access to all sorts of financial, administrative, and other aids.

Internationally, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood is working zealously to replace the secular liberalism of the Arab Spring with hard-core, Shariah-compliant, theocratic dictatorships. Suppressing women, eliminating free speech, persecuting Christians, and preaching hatred of Jews, Israel, and America, the Brotherhood is gradually taking over the Middle East as first dictators and now monarchs fall from power.

To fight an enemy, you need to name it as your adversary and that is why including the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist groups is so important.

Legislation is pending in Congress to require the State Department to include the group on their terrorist list. With your help, we have a good chance of passing this important legislation.

For more information about the Muslim Brotherhood and to enlist in the battle to contain it, go to Citizens for National Security (, a group struggling to “out” the Brotherhood.  They the the leading group advocating inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist list.

Please sign the petition below to urge our Congress to protect America and take a stand against Terrorism.  We will forward your signature to the President and to your Senators and Congressman. We will also forward them to Citizens for National Security.  Please be sure to include your email and your mailing address so we can do so.  

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Dick Morris

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The Muslim Brotherhood is linked to terrorism, not only in Egypt, but is the root organization from which Hamas, Beit Al-Maqdis and Alquaeda have emerged.
Like Please
I am amazed to see none of the people who made comments do not understand the differences between Islam as a peaceful religion and the so called Moslem Brother hood and the other related terrorist organization. What these terrorist organization did to my home country Egypt and indiscriminately killing innocent Egyptian moslem and christian citizens is gone unnoticed by USA official organization and on the contrary are backing up these terrorist moslem brother hood with Guns and money and turning the whole middle east to a turmoil. This is politics and not religion. On contrast of what Egypt did standing with USA against the moslem brother hood terrorist groups including Bin Ladin and El Zawahiry, the USA stand with the terrorist brother hood against the innocent civilian Egyptian loving and peaceful people. Please know that Most of the Real Moslem people are very loving peaceful and law obedient citizen. Stop generalizing and direct your hate to the Moslem Brother Hood terrorist and encourage your government to include them as a terrorist organization.
Long overdue. Proud of Egypt for kicking them out.
**** the brotherhood
**** the police
Thank You!