Kill The Obamacare Death Panels

Sign This Petiton To Kill The Obamacare Death Panels

A vote is coming up in the Senate on an amendment that has already passed the House repealing the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, established under Obamacare to slice $500 billion from Medicare.

The Commission is set to decide which treatments are most cost-effective and disallow the ones that it finds are not.  That's "cost-effective", not just "effective."  So if an expensive treatment cures a fatal disease, the Panel will decide how many "quality years" a patient has left in deciding if it is "cost-effective" to let her have the medication. The Panel, in other words, rations care and plays God. 

We have a chance to kill this panel at best and, at worst, to put the Democratic Senators who won't repeal it on record so we can defeat them for re-election.

Please sign this petition and we will send your views to your Senators and Congressman.

Please include your hard address so we can do so. We'll add your email address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.

Thank you!

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