No Sales Tax On The Internet!

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No Sales Tax On The Internet!

Dear Friend,

The liberals are at it again trying to tax us more and more.  Now they are pushing legislation to impose sales taxes on Internet transactions.  And, this time, a handful of Republican Senators are helping them to do it.

At issue is not just the $23 billion that the tax will soak from American households.  More important is the underlying issue of government regulation and control.  Our second Chief Justice John Marshall wrote that the “power to tax is the power to destroy.”  He was right.  The power to tax the Internet is the opening wedge in giving our federal government the power to regulate, control, and censor the Internet.  It will lead to federal controls on commerce and, eventually, content.

Let's leave one part of our society free from government regulation, censorship, or taxation.  The Internet has been notable for its freedom from regulation.  Let’s keep it that way.

Please sign this petition to urge your Congressman and Senators to oppose the imposition of a sales tax on the Internet.  Please be sure to include your hard mailing address – as well as your e-address – so we can send your views directly to your members of Congress.  We'll add your email address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.

Thank you for supporting our freedoms,

Dick Morris

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There needs to be a tax on Congress for trying to find it's way into things it has no business being in. We see where voting on taxes got us. Don't make the same mistake twice.
I think it's time to stand for what
The people need and want. Gov.
Wasting to much time and money
To get nothing accomplished.
Consumers are offered better prices online for many reasons with no sales tax being one of them. I want to keep it that way.
I view this as just another attempt to capture personal information. Also with internet sales, shipping is the major problem-alleviated by the lack of ax. To add the tax will make an item that would appear to be a bargain on the internet no longer viable and kill the business of a company such as Amazon. They will no longer be able to compete.
Long has the Internet flourished through its ability to avoid regulation. As stated in Mr. Morris' letter, as we begin to tax, we also allow politicians to think they are allowed to do as they wish with the Internet. Let's stop this here before it becomes worse!
The goverment has proved time and time again that they are unable to manage money....Starting a website and running the country. Just another reason to take money from an already struggling economy....take a paycut in the senate and congress and live like us blue collar workers do and see how hard it really is. no no no