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Sign The Petition To Get Todd Akin To Pull Out!

Dear Friend,

We need to pressure Todd Akin to withdraw from the Senate contest in Missouri.

His ridiculous comment that somehow women won't get pregnant from "legitimate rape" (whatever that is?) makes it impossible for him to beat incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill.  Before Akin's stupid comment, he had a nine point lead over McCaskill, the most of any Republican insurgent against a Democratic incumbent in the country.

But after his comment, he has no chance of winning.  That seat could well be the difference between a majority and a minority in the Senate!

Please sign this petition to urge Akin to pull out!  Since he will depend on a national fundraising base for his campaign, your signature will make a big difference.  We'll add your email address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.

He has until 5 PM on Tuesday to decide!  He says he will stay in, but the pressure is building both in and outside of Missouri.


Dick Morris

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You had your chance and you "blew it" and allowed your opponent to sail to victory! Stay out so a candidate who is intelligent enough to know what to say and when to say it can be elected! You clearly don't have that ability! The entire country depends on us taking back the Senate. Do your civic duty and the responsible thing and STAY OUT OF THIS ELECTION so a better candidate can be selected to run and win!
As a Registered Nurse whose personal beliefs do not included Abortion,even short of it being by George Manson or Hannibal Lector, first what is a legitiment rape . There is no such thing as legal rape so you must be referring to husband rape, or perhaps you are inferring that some lie. Before you can represent half of the population you need to educate yourself. We can't require others to all believe that Abortion is unacceptable, we are entitled to our own belief.I am a 78 yr old with a 4 you old Child because my Grand Daughter didn't want the product of rape. He is the most wonderful Child. Your constituents want you out of the race . Just as it is with the subject of rape vs personal choice , the choice to stay or withdraw is yours ,may G-D lead your choice !
This man is a sexist idiot!
he is demonstrable and has no right making decisions on my behalf