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The United Nations General Assembly has just voted to approve the text of a global regulation of small arms trade.  The United States voted for the treaty, making it clear that Obama and Secretary of State Kerry will sign it and submit it to the Senate for ratification.
Oddly, the three nations most likely to violate the treaty -- Iran, Syria, and North Korea -- all voted against it and won't sign up.
But the real danger in this treaty, as we warned in our book Here Come the Black Helicopters, is that it sets up the basis for gun control in the United States.  Since the U.S. accounts for about a third of all private sector small arms exports, the treaty is really aimed directly at us.  (Since more than three quarters of all small arms exports are by governments not by private firms or individuals, the treaty will really do little to stop them).
The Treaty does not set out provisions with which nations must comply.  Instead, it sets goals and empowers a new international regulatory body to deal with individual nations to bring about compliance.  The nations who sign the treaty are obliged to stop arms transfers by private companies and citizens to terrorists, drug gangs, and other bad actors.  (Precisely the same folks Holder supplied with guns in Fast and Furious).
How the nations of the world comply is up to them and up to the international regulatory body.  The inevitable byproduct of this treaty is an escalating series of gun registration, controls and confiscation steps imposed by treaty without requiring the consent of the Congress.
In fact, these measures could be imposed by the U.S. courts since the treaty would be the law of the land and could be the subject of judicial intervention.
We must stop this treaty.  Its passage is an obvious back door way around the likely failure of gun control legislation in the Congress.  This Treaty, which only needs Senate approval, would cut the Republican House out of the deal entirely.
PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.  If you have already signed it, please circulate it very widely so that we can bring the pressure to bear on our Senators to be the last line of defense of our constitutional liberties.

Please sign this petition to stop the Arms Trade Treaty.  We succeeded before in forcing a postponement, now let's stop the Treaty and kill it entirely.

We will forward your signature to President Obama and to your Senators and Congressman.  Please be sure to include your name, hard mailing address, and your email so we can do so.

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Dick Morris

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Abolish The UN!!
We are a sovereign nation with our own constitution which, incidentally, has enabled the USA to become the global leader in most avenues.
Follow our Constitution like our forefathers meant it to be. They put the 2nd ammendment in there for a reason and I don't want it changed for just that reason. Have we forgotten Hitler already?
It isn't right
I have sentan e-mail message to the NRA but they only read them in the order received
Unarmed citizens are easy marks for extreme socialists such as Hitler, Hirohito, Stalin & Mussolini.
WWII -Veteran
we must get out of the United Nations send them to Europe. Sell the property that the UN building seats on
The government is the terrorists and the biggest illicit drug dealers. Legalize drugs, self ownership; the illegal drugs on adv are more dangerous than the legal drugs. “Bad” is an individual opinion, to tyrants anyone who doesn’t obey them is “bad”. UN pro-gun controllers that want to ban global arms want to so they can use arms to terrorize and take over the world and become a one world government. There was a cartoon video on the UN’s official you tube channel not to long ago of the UN disarming everyone then turning them into UN troops like it was a good thing. Look at historical videos of UN soldiers’ mass murdering people.

Gov workers who swear an oath the the constitution, who are enemies of the United States Constitution (ex. by wanting entire non gov to be banned from the same type of arms gov has), are illegally occupying the position, force them out immediately, and charge them a refund for all their tax-funded lavish personal spending.
Ban from gov jobs anyone who wants non-gov to be banned from the same type of arms gov has, or wants non-gov to be banned from guns merely for being non-gov.

No one has the right to reduce someone's ability to defend them self, by doing so you take responsibility/liability for their safety, something gov cant do because gov cant get there on time and they are not always able to call for help, making gov liable for not protecting them. Forced them to be defenseless knowing the gov cant protect them.
If an innocent gets murdered as a result of being disallowed to have the means to defend them self, whoever disallowed them to the means to defend them self IS GUILTY OF MURDER and should be put in life in prison. Anyone who reduces the ability for innocent people to defend them self is liable for their safety. Ordering murder does not=murder. Paying someone to murder does not=murder.
Being able to defend yourself is a basic survival need.

Only criminals/ tyrants want gun control to use guns to control and victimize the gunless.

Gov does not have the right to do anything that non-gov does not have the right to do. Gov does not have more rights than the individual. The name of your group does not give you more rights.
Its groupism, lableism, hypocritical and illegal for a group to ban weapons from another group based only on group name/ labels/ if their gov or non-gov/ military or not/ nazi or jew/ shia or suni/ crip or blood.
The popular, rich, powerful, have no more right to guns than the unpopular, poor, weak.
Gov is not more moral, responsible, or necessarily more well trained, more skilled at hitting the target, a better shot, or smarter, than non-gov. on adv non-gov is more moral and responsible, and less hypocritical and violent than gov.

Gov background checks put gov above the law and turn arms from a right into a gov granted privilege, and ban guns from anyone who does not obey gov.
Gov background checks are at the whim of whatever tyrants decide to call a crime, or who t