Keep Castro Enabler Fulton Armstrong Out Of The State Dept!

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Keep Castro Enabler Fulton Armstrong Out Of The State Dept!

Dear Friend,

Fulton Armstrong, who has long been an advocate of accepting the Castro regime and an opponent of democracy programs in Cuba, was Senator John Kerry's staff person on Cuba at the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.  It is vital that his attitude -- something between appeasement and support of the Cuban regime -- not infect our State Department under Kerry's leadership.  At Kerry's Senate confirmation hearings, we need to grill him about Armstrong and extract a commitment not to bring him into the State Department.  Please sign this petition to call on Senators to press the issue during the Kerry confirmation process.

Please include your hard address so we can send it to our Senators.  We'll add your e-mail address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.


Dick Morris

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The poison of the influence in Washington posed by people and factions such as Castro, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others who seek to weaken us are an anathema to our country. Keep this man in prison and send his friends to join him.
I don't want a Castro supporter in the State Dept.