Keep FALN Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera In Prison!

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Keep FALN Terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera In Prison!


Dear Friend,

President Obama is considering granting clemency to Oscar Lopez Rivera, a leader of the FALN terrorist group that was responsible for 117 bombings in the 70s and 80s.  Denied release by the Parole Board until 2026, leftist groups are calling for his release by presidential action.  Lopez, who has never expressed regret or asked for clemency, refused to leave prison when President Clinton granted it to the FALN terrorists in 1999 as Hillary sought Puerto Rican votes in her senate race in New York.  He said he would remain in prison until all FALN terrorists were released.  Twice Lopez attempted to escape.

Though he has had every opportunity (including before the FALN victims and their families at his 2011 parole hearing) Lopez has never expressed remorse for his actions nor offered any cooperation to the public or law enforcement in solving the many unsolved crimes of the FALN.  Reaffirm the 2011 Federal Parole Board’s decision and ensure that terrorist Oscar Lopez remains in prison to the end of his term.

Please sign this petition to call on President Obama to deny release of convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Keep this terrorist in jail! 

Please include your hard address so we can send it to President Obama.  We'll add your e-mail address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.


Dick Morris

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Keep this terrorist in jail for as long as possible.
Free Oscar Lopez Rivera
Free him. He never hurt anyone. He was put in prison for BELONGING to the FALN, not for murder. Not one American murderer ever served 32 years, Yet Oscar never hurt anyone himself.
As far as I am concerned he could rot in jail. He represents less than 1% of puertoricans. I served my nation honorably for 9 year and proud to be an american citizen.
Let him stay in prsion.....
"No release"...
Let him rotů
Métanlo al calabozo y boten la llave!
FALN terrorist group.
I'm a puertorican who respect USA. I'm greatful to my Nation. Mr. Lopez does not represent the majority of people who live in PR.
Do NOT free Oscar Lopez.
Letting Mr. Lopez out is just allowing leftest group continue their agenda for Puerto Rico and other countries.
keep terrorist away from peace loving people