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Sign The Petition To Stop Domestic Drones!

Dear Friend,
We are facing a new form of Big Brother in government and private drones sent over American soil for the purpose of eavesdropping and investigating us.  These drones use the same technology as those we are using to kill terrorists abroad, but are being used for no national security purpose.  The EPA is reported using them land law enforcement agencies will not be far behind.  If we let them proliferate, they will be used by our friends at the IRS and even for political spying.  Private drones are even worse and can be used to evidence in lawsuits, divorce proceedings, custody battles and the like.  Ban the use of drones over American soil.
There is precedent.  Just as the CIA is not allowed to operate within the US, so drones should be off limits as well.
Please sign this petition to stop domestic drones.  Include your name and hard address so we can send it to your Senators and Congressman directly.  We'll add your e-mail address to our Alerts list so we can keep you posted on progress and next steps.
Thank you,
Dick Morris

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Just had one over my home in Manteca Ca, On 04/15/14. Very Odd!
I am afraid of drones. They are remotely controlled so there is no personal ethical involvement! Please forbid their use in this country.
I am wintering in New Smyrna Beach Florida - a drone is with us daily - at times almost invisible depending on weather. Up and down the ocean and above a recent art fair continuously. Very unsettling
The Goverment has gone to far with these Drones Spying on us On American Soil This is the last Straw,
The founders of this country would be appalled that we are rapidly moving towards losing the freedom that they fought for. They left countries which infringed on their freedom to come to this land, and now we are moving towards a 24 hour police state where everyone can be under surveillance. This is not a country that I would want to live in.
This is an incredible abuse of our rights and needs to be nipped in the bud.