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Dear Friend,

With over two million children now schooled -- usually quite well -- at home, the education establishment and the teachers unions find themselves leaking students at an alarming rate.  Driven by bad public education, the threat of school violence, and a virtual prohibition against values-based learning in government schools, more and more Americans are taking advantage of their right to homeschool their children.  The very success of their experiences -- as measured by test scores, jobs after graduation, and college admissions -- are violating the fundamental credo of the education hierarchy: That all children must go to schools we run.
Now the Obama Administration is doing the bidding of the union and the establishment by challenging the grant of asylum to a German family that migrated to the United States in order to homeschool their children.  Uniquely in Europe, homeschooling in Germany is illegal and indistinguishable from chronic truancy in the eyes of the authorities.  In order to avoid what German law refers to as a "parallel society", the Fourth Reich seeks to assure that all children are shaped by the same influences in the same classes at the same schools.
The Romeike family didn't see things that way and wanted to homeschool their children.  After harassment, threats, and the prospect of losing custody of their children, they fled to the United States where homeschooling is welcomed.
A Memphis judge approved their request for asylum but the Justice Department -- which does little to stop twelve million people from coming here illegally -- thought the case worthy of their intervention and got the Board of Immigration Appeals to overturn the Memphis decision and order the deportation of the Romeikes.
Through the auspices and intervention of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the Romeikes are appealing the verdict to the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals.  They argue that the right to homeschool is a decision of conscience protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.  These documents all attest to the power of parents to direct the moral and religious education of their children.
But the case goes far deeper than the right of asylum.  Homeschooling is providing an increasingly viable alternative as the ranks of adults with college education increases, the quality of public schools drops or stagnates, and the refusal of government schools to offer any sort of values education.  The number of homeschooled students has risen from 1.5 million in 2007 to over 2 million in 2012 and is growing ever more rapidly. 
This movement to protect children on the one hand and our societal values on the other deserves our support and we must stand with those abroad who seek the same right to homeschool we all enjoy.
Please take a moment to sign this petition to urge the Department of Justice to drop its case against the Romeikes and permit them to stay in the U.S. to homeschool their children.

We will forward your signature to President Obama and to your Senators and Congressman.  Please be sure to include your name, hard mailing address, and your email so we can do so.

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Thank you,

Dick Morris

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Everyone should have the right to choose where they get their education. America means freedom.
It seems that everything Obama does is anti-American! That guy will bring America to ruin if he isn't stopped! Stand up America!
our government needs a reminder that this country was FOUNDED by individuals seeking freedom from religious persecution, also our congressmen/congresswomen and president should give reason as to why they would not uphold American's basic principles and LAWS because they were elected by the people and for the people of this great nation and everyone is accountable whether big or small.
freedom of religion is what started this country
If Obama can let all of the illegal citizens in this country and not this one family then he is an idiot.
This is one more horribale thing Obama has done.......oh how he is ruining what we all used to be proud of. My son was homeschooled without that hed never had an education ! Now he is in college,successfully has a job I did it all when schools said "he would never read,write or graduate"
Leave this family alone. They been through so much already!!
Our forefathers left Germany and Switzerland, and came to the USA for religious freedom. We helped to write The First Amendment. May our country be forever grateful for religious freedom, and may our doors be open to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are also looking for that same freedom. I love Germany, and I love the USA, but something has to change! I used to be totally against home schooling, but when I started meeting super educated and emotionally stable home schooled children, I totally changed my mind! Let's keep loving each other, and give each other the choice to educate however we choose. May God be praised!